With people getting more concerned about the environment, parents are looking for toys that do not have adverse impacts of chemicals and plastic and are safe for their children.

This is where wooden toys come into action. If you are a reseller and are looking for something that can gain you great profit, investing in wholesale wooden toys can be a great option.

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Here is a list of our favorite wholesale wooden toys wholesalers that you can easily trust with your investments:

  • NDA Toys Wholesale.
  • Risus Wholesale.
  • Angel Wholesale.
  • Jumini.
  • Rex London Trade.
  • Bee like Kids.
  • Made to Spec.
  • Minelli S.P.A.
  • Little Colorado.
  • Bendon.
Wholesale Wooden Toys

1. NDA Toys Wholesale:

From wooden abacus to 48 piece towering blocks, the NDA Toys Wholesale is your go-to option if you are looking for a variety of wholesale wooden toys available under one roof.

Shopping from online sources may become a hassle if the websites you are ordering from are complicated. NDA Toys Wholesale has sorted this out for you as this is one of the easiest platforms you can get wholesale wooden toys from.

While many other sites may require you to make an account for knowing wholesale prices, this website doesn’t. Bonus, they do not have any Minimum Orders requirements, so you don’t have to worry about investing more than you want to.

Email: sales@nda-toys.com

2-    Risus Wholesale:

If you are looking for top-quality wholesale wooden toys at low prices, this one is definitely for you. From toys purely for entertainment to wooden toys that can prove to be a source of a learning experience for kids, they have it all.

Since the demand for eco-friendly stuff from people worldwide has increased, Risus wholesale has worked on providing stuff that has lesser environmental impacts.

Their toys are specifically made using rubberwood, keeping in mind the adverse environmental impacts that plastic toys have on the environment.

Bonus, they are continuously increasing their range in wooden jigsaw puzzles and baby toys.

Phone # 01424871072

3. Angel Wholesale:

Angel Wholesale is a well-known wooden toys wholesaler in the UK since they are an award-winning wholesaler for selling toys of different kinds. Their major aim is to provide their customers with brilliant quality at fair wholesale prices.

They are known for offering brilliant services to their customers, including no minimum order requirements, a simple-to-use website, fast response to queries, low delivery charges, etc.

They have an amazing range of wooden toys that include shape sorting clocks, rocking farm animals, wooden cash registers, wooden numbers peg, wooden doorbell house, etc.

Phone # 0116-230-4299

Email: trade@angelwholesale.co.uk

4. Jumini:

Wooden toys not only entertain kids, but they also give nostalgia to grown-ups. This is what the wooden toys range by Jumini is all about.

What makes them one of the best wholesale wooden toys sellers is that they make sure all of their toys are made from sustainable products and do not have any adverse environmental impacts.

Their much-loved traditional wooden ranges are specifically designed to make your wooden toy collection stand out amongst others.

Phone # 01908 969969

Email: info@jumini.net

5. Rex London Trade:

Looking for products that your customers can easily gift and buy for their kids? Well, Rex London Trade has them in store for you.

Since the wooden toys are so fairly priced, you can keep your profit and sell them at reasonable prices to your customers as well.

Rex London Trade is known for designing the products themselves rather than choosing what they like from other resellers. Therefore, all their wooden toys are imaginative and retro, making them unique.

Phone # 0044 (0)208 746 1700

Email: info@rexlondon.com

6. Bee Like Kids:

With people having more and more awareness of pollution, they are also getting to know the impact of their kids’ plastic toys.

Therefore, to sort that out for everyone, Bee Like Kids have come up with an eco-friendly collection designed to keep the little ones safe.

What makes this wholesale site stand out is that it is an idea of a mother who was conscious about giving her daughter everything best and eco-friendly.

Site: https://beelikekids.com/pages/contact-us

7. Made to Spec:

If you want something out of the box and made with lateral thinking and an innovative mindset, you will get it by contacting Made to Spec by Brown Wood Inc.

You will not only get an option of buying the already available products, but they can also assist you if you want to design a new product from your imagination and ideas.

They have proved to be great partners for retailers, manufacturers, engineers, distributors, etc.

Phone # 800-328-5858

8. Minelli S.P.A:

Suppose you are into investing your money in products that have absolutely no adverse environmental impacts, Minelli S.P.A is your go-to place since they are one of the first companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

This certificate is especially given to companies that guarantee that all their products are made using raw material from responsibly managed forests.

They have a variety of wood toy components and wooden toys. They allow the resellers to resell the wooden components or toys while customizing packages with the resellers’ company’s logo.

Phone # +39-0345-55111

9. Little Colorado:

Having no plastic or laminate, all the products by Little Colorado are made of 100% wood. They guarantee safety for toddlers and therefore have become a great option to invest in.

From train tables, wooden elephant toys, and playhouses, you will have a variety of toys to include in your wholesale wooden toys collection.

Phone # 303-964-3212

Email: customerservice@littlecolorado.com

10. Bendon:

A website with wooden toys that are affordable and keep kids engaged and spread smiles. Bendon is known for bringing characters and toys to life that kids love.

Dealing with them, you will have a variety of wooden toys to choose from.

Phone # 419-207-3600


Wooden toys are engaging for kids, but they are also a great source of bringing back memories for elders. Investing in wooden toys is a great option since parents are now looking for toys that help in making their bonds with their kids better.