Houston is one of the central hubs of space exploration. It has earned the title of being the capital of the energy industry. However, Houston still has great potential in the market of toy manufacturers and distributors. 

Children decide the fate of a nation, and every child is encouraged to be equipped with the best facilities. Toys are an essential facility for a child’s growth during its development. Thus, it’s important to share the benefits of toys and playtime of children so people can give them access to more helpful toys. 

Currently, toy wholesale suppliers in Houston, Texas are shaping the ground for children with their variety of product ranges and quality assured products. 

The process of navigating through the options of wholesale suppliers is still a slippery slope, thus it’s essential to have a list that can help guide you about the best wholesale suppliers of toys in your area. 

So don’t worry, we have the list right here below to highlight all the details regarding the top 5 toy wholesale suppliers in Houston!

List Of Toy Wholesale Suppliers In Houston, Texas:

  • Toyz Distributer
  • Abound
  • Texas Toy Distributer
  • Fun Express
  •  Bags In Bulk

1. Toyz Distributer

There is no age limit to honing your mind and having a source of learning experiences: that is the core belief of Toyz Distributer, one of the best toy wholesale suppliers in Houston. 

The company aims to provide a diverse range of toys to customers targetting all age groups. If you are a child, they have soft toys, and if you are a teenager, you can try out their complex puzzles!

Toyz Distributer has many products in stock such as Bubbles, Dinosaurs, Drones, Helicopters, Power Wheels, Light toys, Toy guns, Track sets, and Remote control toys. They also have retail stores at Almeda Mall, First Colony Mall, Harwin, and Galleria Mall.

 They also have exclusive offers and deals on their website for wholesalers.

The only thing you have to do is join their website by giving your email address and signing up separately. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 323.834.TOYZ (8699)

Email: admin@mytoys2u.com   

Website: https://toyzdistributor.com/

Address: 6910 Harwin Dr. Houston, TX 77036

2. Abound

Abound is a unique online marketplace for wholesale supplies and retail selling as well. The website helps engage local and small businesses to come together and trade with emerging brands in the market. Their goal is to unite similar product markets and present a platform with unique stocks for every buyer.

Their stock is arranged by experienced retail managers so that the product selection is exquisite. 

 Their section of toys is filled abundance of product categories such as the Bearington collection, Friendsheep, Laurens, Pix perfect, Mountain melodies, The bean collection, Journal Friends, Squishable, and Colourcraft puzzles. 

Abound also has a free return of shipment under 60 days of delivery! They are dedicated wholesale suppliers who offer the finest brands for retailers to create their stocks. They also have flexible commissions for retailers on their website, along with the promotion of all business-related emails.

Contact Info:

Email: support@helloabound.com   

Website: https://helloabound.com/

3. Texas Toy Distributor

Texas Toy Distributor is a family-owned b business that imports, exports and distributes toys in the market. It is located in Bryan, Texas but mostly functions online with retailers and other wholesale suppliers. 

The company aims to provide retailers and customers with the best quality products at reasonable rates and fast delivery service. They have the best customer service with kind and lovely employees that make sure every complaint is dealt with well. 

They have a variety of product categories like Dinosaurs, Radio control creepy crawlies, Sluban building blocks, Plush animals, construction machinery, Cardboard Puzzles, and Unique Products.

Their website offers free shipping on all orders if your first order is of a minimum of 100$. Their lead time for delivery is 1 – 3 days, and can forward containers directly to retailer warehouses and stores too!

This wholesale supplier is the best for you if you are interested in unique products and want access to their whole product catalog which is available online on their website. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-600-3500

Email: info@texastoydistribution.com

Website: https://texastoydistribution.com/

4. Fun Express

Fun Express is a B2B of toy business that circulates the most appealing products in the market to retailers. Their wholesale supplies are widely regarded as reliable, reasonable, and a great deal!

They have a catalog on their website, that features market-specific products and briefly details bout the stock. This allows customers a view of the product they are interested in and also the major information regarding it. 

Fun Express also gives opportunities to award-winning artists and designers to display their products, and this includes wonderful innovative toys. Their goal is to maintain a healthy relationship with customers and other retail services: so a close-knit community of toy manufacturers in the United States can be created. 

They also have a category to track your orders and seek customer help which can make your bulk buying experience much easier. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (800) 875-8494

Website: https://www.funexpress.com/

5. Bags In Bulk

 Bags In Bulk is a company that specializes in wholesale supply in bags, but also many other markets such as toys and crafts. Their selection of toys and games is also linked to educational-based toys. The company aims to supply toys that can make the classroom fun and enjoyable for students. 

Some of their toys are Pull Back Vehicles, High Five Clapper, Ice Cream Launcher, Water Blaster Pistol, Toy Snake With Movable Joints, Double Dutch Jump Rope, Handyman Tool Set, Dream Castle, and Beauty Play Set.

These products are chosen to enhance the fun in learning and give children an outlet of entertainment with knowledge. 

They offer free shipping on all bulk orders of toys and games, making their wholesale supplier a brilliant choice for customers interested in academic-based toys. Their prices are affordable and the company focuses on the impact on children the most, therefore their products are educational. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 1-888 758-2247

Email: info@bagsinbulk.com

Website: https://bagsinbulk.com/

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