Ancient archaeologists have found toys from as far back as 500 B.C.E. They remain popular to this with very high demand.

To cater for this demand, many toy manufacturers exist around the world who compete with each other to provide the best product for the most affordable price.

In this article, we will cover the top wholesale toys suppliers in Europe. If you wish to read about wholesale toy vendors in Canada that you can do so by clicking here.

List of wholesale toy vendors and suppliers in Europe:

  • Klien Toys
  • Toi-Toys
  • Fen Toys
  • ABA Factory
  • Ocio Stock
  • Kids and Stuff Merchandise
  • Anvol
  • MIK Toy
  • Pony Toys
  • Smoby

1.    Kilen Toys:

Kilen toys is a family-owned toy manufacturer located in Germany. They have international sales branches in the United Kingdom, France and Spain. While their main production facility is in Germany, they also have production partners in Eastern Europe and the Far East.

Kilen produces hundreds of different kinds of toys, most of which have been licenced by big toy companies such as Barbie, Hot Wheels and even Volvo. They even produce biodegradable toys which are safe for the environment. You can check out their full list of products on their website.

They offer shipping in the EU via DHL and you can pay them through PayPal.


Burgstraße 14.

76857 Ramberg / Germany

Contact Details:

Phone: +49 (0) 6345 / 4 08-0

Fax: +49 (0) 6345 / 4 08-50

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2. Toi-Toys:

Toi-toys is a toy wholesale supplier located in Netherlands and Germany. They don’t produce their own products, but rather get them outsourced from the Far East. Moreover, there are strict quality control guidelines set up to ensure that you get the highest quality product.

If you’re looking for private label facilities to customize your order, then Toi-toys has you covered. They have a wide range of products that you can check out by visiting their website or booking an appointment in their showroom.

Toi-toys offers delivery to 60 countries inside and outside of Europe. Your experience matters the most to Toi-toys so they assign you an account manager who takes care of all your needs including returns.


Germany: Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Str. 20, 47475 Kamp-Lintfort, Deutschland

Netherland: Jan Hilgersweg 9-11, 5657 ES Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Contact Details:

Phone: +31 (0) 40 254 36 10

+49 (0) 3222 1094 937

+49 (0) 2842 9092 120

Fax: +31 (0) 40 254 71 89

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3.Fen Toys:

Fen toys is a Turkish toy manufacturer and supplier that exports to 60 countries all around the world.

They specialise in making plastic and playdough toys. Some of their products include playhouses, garage sets and toy cars.

They even have licenced products from Frozen, Cars and many other popular companies. You can check out the full list of their products on their website.


ISTOC 6. Island No:61 Mahmutbey / Bagcilar / Istanbul

Contact Details:

Phone: +90 212 771 39 79

Fax: +90 212 771 39 83


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4. ABA Factory:

Authentic Bohemian Article (ABA) is a Czech toy manufacturer and supplier. They provide shipping all around the world and even handle customs for products going outside of the EU.

What sets ABA apart from other manufacturers is that they provide complete customization of your product. Not only can you add your brand logo or change the colour, but you can also work with them to design a completely unique product.

If you don’t want to design your own toy, you can still choose a product that suits your requirements from their catalogue.


Kostelec u Křížků 211, 251 68 Kamenice, Czech Republic, EU

Contact Details:

Phone: +420 776 660 464

Fax: +420 227 077 346


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Wholesale Toys Suppliers in Europe

5. Ocio Stock:

Next up is Ocio stock which is a Spanish wholesale toys supplier. They specialize in supplying officially licenced toys from different brands such as Marvel, Ban Dai and Warner Brothers. They have the best variety of toys including action figurines and official merchandise.

They provide shipping all around the world, although shipping within the EU is cheaper and easier. You can even return defective products within 14 working days.


C/ Isaac Peral, 14 28939 Arroyo Molinos (Madrid).

Contact Details:

Phone: +34 916 10 22 93


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6. Kids and Stuff Merchandise:

Kids and Stuff Merchandise is a Bulgarian toy designer and manufacturer. While they specialise in making plush toys, they also have other toys made of fabric such as puppets and pillows.

The fact that they design and manufacture their own toys means that they offer complete customization. They also use recycled material in their packaging and toy making. You can order their products from anywhere within Europe.



Contact Details:

Phone: +359 88 96 04 917


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7. Anvol:

Anvol is an Estonian wholesale toy supplier which has been operating since 1995. Other than distribution they have their own retail store called XS toys which is located in 7 different countries including Uzbekistan, Finland and Georgia.

Just like many other suppliers on this list, they have partnered with many brands in order to provide you with official merchandise and toys including Frozen and Monopoly.


Kaldase tee 4, Maardu Estonia 74114.

Contact Details:

Phone: +372 6388 100


MIKTOYS is another wholesale toy manufacturer and distributor located in the Czech Republic. They started making toys in 1990 and to this day they mainly make traditional Czech toys.

Since they manufacture traditional toys; their products are mostly made from wood. The fact that they manufacture everything in house means that they too provide you with the ability to completely customize your product if you didn’t find anything interesting from their catalogue.

You can get their products delivered from anywhere in the world. MIKTOYS value customer service the most and they are very confident in the quality of their products so you are offered a 24-month warranty for any defects. Moreover, you can return any purchase within 14 days if you’re not satisfied with the product.


MIKTOYS, Malínky 35, 683 33 Malínky, Czechia.

Contact Details:

Phone: +420 777 865 404

Email: +420 777 865 404

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9. Pony Toys:

The Czech Republic is the greatest exporter of toys in Europe so, we had to include another toy supplier located in the country. Pony Toys is another wholesale toy manufacturer that specialises in wooden toys.

They have the most unique set of toys on this list. They provide you with multiple wooden pieces which have to be built by the child sort of like Legos. You can build anything from a scooter to a car using the pieces provided. This allows the child’s imagination to run wild with whatever they want to construct.


Vidce 377, 756 53 VIDCE, Czech Republic.

Contact Details:

Phone: +420 571 658 325

Fax: +420 571 618 009


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10. Smoby:

Last up on our list is a Frech toy manufacturer called Smoby. They are one of the best known and oldest toy suppliers in France as they were established in 1924.

Smoby manufactures its own toys which are licenced by various different companies such as Frozen and Paw Patrol. They have one the best variety as their toys include everything from vehicles to dolls. They even offer spare parts for all their toys.


SMOBY TOYS SAS, SERVICE WEB, Lieu-Dit 95 Route du Haut Jura, 39170 Lavans-Lès-Saint-Claude.

Contact Details:

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This article covered the top toys suppliers in Europe as per our extensive research, each with their description and other details.

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