Seems like it is not just the kids anymore who are interested in buying toys to play with in their leisure time; in fact, the demand for toys has skyrocketed as the toy industry significantly upgraded the variety it was offering earlier.

From stuffed toys to character-themed toys to educational and interactive toys, different toys attract different types of customers from all around towards them.

As you read this, it might click to you that you also have a stuffed teddy you sleep with, or themed toy or game set of Spiderman or Captain America because you are a Marvel fan at heart!

But as the simple rule of economics goes, as demand rises, so does the price. As we stroll around the fancy toy shops, we see that the toys are too pricey most of the time.

In that case, you need not worry as we got you. We have saved you the hassle of searching for places for good wholesale toys in Los Angeles and collected their names.

Let us now have a look at them!

List of Wholesale Toys Suppliers & Vendors in Los Angeles, California:

  • Four Seasons General Merchandise
  • JYK Imports Inc.
  • M&J Toys Inc.
  • MS. Toys
  • Funland Toys
  • JN Trading
  • B&B Toy Maker
  • Charming Toys
  • KCN Toys Co.
  • Fitzroy Toys

1. Four Seasons General Merchandise

FSGM is an online and offline store that actively imports, distributes, sells, and exports a plethora of wholesale products which also includes wholesale toys.

They not only sell wholesale toys in their own outlet in Los Angeles but also to more than 24,000 businesses.

They have wholesale toys starting from $0.85. The store also takes pride in offering advice from their experienced sales staff that guides the customers about what wholesale toys would fit in their requirements.

Other relevant information:

Phone: +1 323-582-4444


Address: 2801 E Vernon Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90058, United States

Operating hours: 7am – 3:30 pm Monday-Friday (PST)

2. JYK Imports Inc.

JYK Imports Inc. is a one-of-a-kind place to go for a search for wholesale toys in Los Angeles. They have wholesale toys of all varieties and for all kinds of target groups, be it toddlers or school-going kids or grown-ups who are enthusiastic about toys of their own type.

The store is rated 5-star in all the reviews and customers have praised their customer service as well, along side the product quality of the wholesale toys that they offer.

Other relevant information:

Phone: +1 323-425-7991;


Address: 448 S Los Angeles St #02, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

Operating hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Saturday, 8:30am-5pm Sunday

Wholesale toys suppliers in Los Angeles

3. M&J Toys Inc.

Affordability is not an issue when you are visiting M&J toy store to purchase some quality wholesale toys for yourself or your loved ones.

From what we have gathered from the customer experiences, this wholesale toys store offers toys at a lower wholesale rate than other wholesale toys suppliers currently operating in Los Angeles, which makes it attractive to the customers.

Since 1987, M&J Toys have been dealing in premium quality wholesale toys, novelties, and die-cast model cars. Adding to that, customers also admire their customer service which coupled with other factors makes this store attractive enough to pay a visit to.

Other relevant information:

Phone: +1 213-629-1333


Address: 308 East 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

Operating hours: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

4. MS. Toys

MS. Toys is yet another wonderful place to get your hands on the best kind of wholesale toys in Los Angeles.

MS. Toys brings for its customers a unique set of wholesale toys which one cannot simply resist! One such unique item includes all kinds of candies, in any shape, in any size, and in any flavor.

They have a vast collection of baby toys and educational toys, alongside musical instruments and an appealing book collection for all ages.

The store also has pretty options for the packaging of the purchased wholesale toys in case the customer has bought them as gifts.

Other than that, the wholesale toy store also accepts merchandise from the locals at fair prices, adding to its popularity.

Other relevant information:

Phone: +1 213-623-7922


Address: 315 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014, United States

Operating hours: 6am-6pm Monday-Saturday, 9am-3pm Sunday

5. Funland Toys

Funland Toys is a small wholesale toys store situated in Los Angeles that specializes in premium wholesale toys.

Do not let the size of the store or their employee count cloud your judgment about Funland Toys, as this small shop has an impressive variety of wholesale toys for kids.

Parents of younger children should definitely check this place out as we came through some amazing reviews about this place and would love to hear more of them!

Other relevant information:

Phone: +1 213-626-5160

Address: 468 East 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

Operating hours: 10am-5pm Monday-Friday

6. JN Trading Toys

If you are looking for a wholesale toy store that, has it all, then probably you should pay a visit to JN Trading Toys store. The store has one of the biggest and most tempting wholesale toys at the best market price.

The wholesale toys that the store has to offer include, but are not limited to, soft and comfortable stuffed toys in all sizes and many shapes, action figure toys and games if your child is a fan, and puzzles for the purposes of brain development with fun.

Other relevant information:

Phone: +1 213-613-9378


Address: 421 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

Operating hours: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

7. B&B Toymaker Inc.

This wholesale toy shop has teddy bears in all forms and sizes and is a heaven for people who are crazy for teddies. From kids till adults, we know the fandom for teddy bears exists regardless of age.

To cater to that fandom, B&B Toymaker is surely a wholesale toy shop to visit at least once.

They have a large, cutesy variety of plush wholesale toys. Coupled with that, the store also offers customizing facility for its customers.

Other relevant information:


Address: 300 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

Operating hours: 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday

8. Charming Toys

Confused about what to gift on someone’s birthday? Or to a friend at his graduation? Then you need not worry as Charming Toys offers wholesale toys under different categories of occasions on its website, which makes it easier to decide what to gift on what occasion.

From a large variety of wholesale toys to choose from to minimal yet tempting gift wraps, the store offers it all to its customers at an affordable price.

Moreover, it also has an ongoing sale that further broadens the affordability bracket for its customers.

Other relevant information:

Phone: +1 213-747-9868


Address: 1705 E 20th St, Los Angeles, CA 90058, United States

Operating hours: 9am-4pm Monday-Friday

9. KCN Toy Co.

KCN Toy Co. is a wholesale toy store that offers toys in all styles i.e., new, and old. For people who are a fan of vintage toys, this might be the place for them.

The wholesale toy store does not have an online presence, instead, has a nicely sized store. It is a great place to have a look at vintage toys to relive one’s childhood.

The store, however, is temporarily closed nowadays.

Other relevant information:

Phone: +1 213-617-3750

Address: 411 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

10. Fitzroy Toys

Fitzroy Toys is a wholesale toy store that is more like a marketplace that attracts not only the buyers but also sellers to sign up and sell their collection of toys.

The store is a one-stop-shop for cute and trendy wholesale toys for kids as their consumers, especially.

It offers toys from a number of verified brands that have expanded the variety it offers to its customers at attractive prices.

Other relevant information:

Phone: +1 626-247-3489


Address: 555 W 5th St 35th floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States



This article summed up and highlighted the top wholesale toys suppliers in Los Angeles. Please note that our list is not ranked in any order and is a result of our extensive research.

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