Toys are the gateway for children to develop stronger memory, a higher IQ, and enhance their thinking capabilities. They serve a great purpose by giving children access to explore the world by utilizing entertaining tools in front of them. Even if it’s just a kid making two dolls talk, it allows the child to increase social and emotional skills by reacting to communicative scenarios that prevail around him. 

Toys are wonderful, but when the topic arises regarding bulk buying, it becomes confusing and frustrating for buyers as the options of wholesale toys are unlimited. Thus, it is vital to understand and list down the top 7 wholesale toys suppliers in South Africa.

The list below will help you identify the characteristics of each company and allow a better insight into which one has products that are most suitable for your target audience.
List Of Wholesale Toy Suppliers & Vendors In South Africa:

  • Nest West
  • S.A Toys
  • Ideal Toy
  • Wholesalers in Africa
  • Prima Toys
  • The Toy Factory Shop
  • Toy Kingdom

1. Nest West

Nest West is a renowned family business in the toy wholesale market since 1994. Although, the company does not manufacture themselves, instead they import toys from China and resell them to customers in South Africa. The company aims to select items that are affordable and import the best-manufactured toy that has no defects or problems.

Nest West is also the only toy company that supplies PVC hand puppets! Their product stock is what brings them as a favorite wholesale company to buy in bulk. Some of their products are soft toys, rides, pet goodies, spring animals, slides, footballs, and board games.

Nest West value educational-based toys the most and are passionate about delivering products that can reenergize and instill good values in children.

They have special offers on their website for buyers too and make it a point to have a stock that is convenient for South Africa’s market. If you’re looking for affordable options, then Nest West is certainly a viable choice to look into.

Contact Info:

Phone: +27 (0)44 697 7067



Address: Mossel Bay, 27 Voorloper st Mossdustria, South Africa.

2. S.A Toys

S. A Toys offers its customers an ample amount of toys to buy from, such as toys at reasonable rates, party shop toys, Keyrings, Plastic animals, soft toys, and lastly games. They also have specially designed toys for holidays such as Christmas, valentines day, and thanksgiving. The website also offers bundle options for wholesale buyers and free delivery on orders above R3500.

S.A. Toys has 20 years of experience in regards to the trade of toys, thus their knowledge and skills while guiding customers are reflective of that.

Their customer service is brilliant and received a good rating constantly. They have over 1000 toys in storage, but strategically post the most trending ones on display.

Their website states to keep a check on the product page, as prices keep on changing. This makes it better for customers that are not seeking bulk buying toys at a fixed rate and love the flexibility.

Contact Info:

Phone: 083 441 4666



3. Ideal Toy

The ideal toy is bound to make you find your ideal toy in the variety of stock they offer to customers. They have a vast list of products including a general range of animals, boy, girl, novelty, musical, outdoor and baby toys too.

Other toys in stock are wooden toys, marbles, reborn dolls, musical instruments, dollhouse, and lifestyle-based play doll sets. 

Ideal toy’s website has frequent promotional sales, clearance sales, and different branded items in stock as well.

The company is adamant about providing South African customers with the best possible toy for their children.

Contact Info:

Phone:  011-815-3610


Address: Silvercrest Centre, 2nd floor, CNR Boundary & Swemmer Road, Silvamonte, Linksfield.

4. Wholesalers in Africa

A website that brings all wholesalers in Africa under one platform, under a banner of unity and business opportunity. WHolesalers in Africa create a space for wholesalers of shops, or online resellers to register with the company and gain access to bulk buying products as per their business.

They also have a section devoted to toy bulk buying, which ensures quick and smooth delivery of toys to the customer’s location or shop. 

The website features considerable wholesale products from reliable wholesalers in South Africa.

The customers interested in this venture can join the website, and also request a price on the bulk product, after which the website will take 24 hours to gather different quotes from sellers creating a healthy and interactive place to sell and buy toys in bulk.

They have both branded and non-branded toy products in their stock.

If you are interested in joining a wholesale website for toys, then there is no better platform to seek multiple choices of trade than this.

Contact Info:

Phone:  072 380 8196


5. Prima Toys

Prima Toys is a toy manufacturing company entirely owned by Deneb Investments Limited, an investment company listed on JSE in the financial section. They focus on providing the best toys in the market to specifically targeted age groups.

The website categorizes toys from 0 to 3 months up until 14 years and above. This speaks about the variety of toys the company has to display for customers. 

Some of Prima Toy’s products are Roleplay dolls, collectibles, outdoor play, construction, science, technology, games, and puzzles.

They also work with many brands such as Love Diana, Little Live Pets, Ben 10, Biopod, Cocomelon, LOL surprise, GIF, power players, rainbow high, and Rubiks.

Contact Info:

CPT (Head Office): 021 818 2000

JHB (Sales & Marketing): 011 493 8300


6.  The Toy Factory Shop

The toy factory shop started as a small venture in 2008, situated in Durban. However, with time it became a large family-owned business that retail services are largely acknowledged in South Africa.

The company is not only an online shop but also caters to bulk selling toys to interested retailers and customers. 

The toy shop factory’s customers stem from Botswana; Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, Angola, Lesotho, Zambia, Tanzania, and Malawi. Their product is also sold in retail markets, schools, charities, and pharmacies. 

Contact Info:

Phone:   +27 31 765 8238 / 27 83 321 4936



Address: 53 Old Main Rd, St Helier, Gillitts, 3610, South Africa.

7. Toy Kingdom

The Toy Kingdom started in 1988 founded by Brenda Barnes at a toy store located in Sea Point, Cape Town. Slowly the business turned from a single shop to a kingdom due to the rising tourism in Cape Town. Eventually, the company was able to establish itself as a kingdom where all dreams of children become true.

Their product categories are mainly magical such as fairies, electronics, space, aliens, layouts with theatrical designs, and characters from children’s favorite books and movies.

The company strives to build a strong relationship with resellers or bulk buyers so that the toy market in South Africa can become more widespread.

Contact Info:



Address: Unit 5, Milnerton Business Park, Milnerton, Cape Town