Toys are a great source of learning, entertainment, and instrument for the development of a child.

However, finding the right toy in bulk is a tedious task that requires a lot of research and analyses of different wholesale companies in the market. 

Germany has various wholesale companies that manufacture and deliver toys in the country and internationally as well.

The list below is comprised of the best 5 wholesale companies that distribute toys in bulk, and are widely known for their exquisite quality of products. 
List Of Wholesale Toys Suppliers in Germany:

  • Schleich
  • Grimms
  • Playmobil
  • Klein
  • Teddy-Hermann

1. Schleich

Schleich is one of the top toy manufacturing companies in Germany. It is well-known for producing toys that have a unique flair to them.

Their designs are also created according to set age groups and involve stories and background tales to make the product more appealing and emotionally engaging.

The company was established in 1935 with a clear objective of providing toys to children that will help them construct an inspirational figure in their lives and add to their mental and physical growth.

Schleich has a variety of products that are sold in global markets too. Some of these product categories include farm world, horse clubs, dinosaurs, eldorado creatures, smurfs, and wildlife-related toys.

Their website also includes special offers and displays the most sold products to make the customer’s decision easier by knowing what’s trending in the toy market. They also have frequent sales on bulk buying and allow customers a fast delivery service.  

All of Schleich’s products are tested for safety and quality in Schwäbisch Gmünd, which is its headquarters. The company prides itself in providing children with toys that are meant to keep their childhood fantasies alive and make their lives more fun.

Contact Info:

Phone: +49(0)717180010

Email: schleich(at)


Address: Schleich GmbH, Am Limes 69, 73527 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

2. Grimms

Grimms is a wooden toy manufacturing company that specializes in developing innovative toys that are interesting and appealing for children. It’s a distinct company that focuses on generating new ideas and exploring untried ways to make toys that can help generate good quality wooden products.

Some of their creative products are construction game weather, horse willy, rainbow forest, rainbow friends, magnetic games, and board. If you are in search of toys that are different and intriguing, then Grimm’s products are an option to consider buying in bulk. 

The unique factor of wooden toys produced by Grimm is their authenticity and originality that no other business can compete with. The company strives to display the most visually appealing, colorful, and practical toys for children, that won’t break easily or get boring with use.

Contact Info:

Phone: +49-7153-61034-0


3.  Playmobil

Playmobil is a renowned company that manufactures an abundance of toys for children with endless choices.

It comes under the famous Brandstätter Group. Their themes escalate from the alpine hut, farmyard, fire department, dollhouses, airport, forest house, construction sites, police, Porsche, modern villa, school, hospitals, dream palace, residential house, and the zoo. Not only does the website offer these toys in single boxes, but also as a bundle offer under one package, holding a discount!

Playmobil has experience of 40 years in the toy wholesale market, as it was founded in 1974 by Hans Beck.

The main headquarters of the company is in Zirndorf, Germany. However, the business has expanded, thus they have multiple offices all over the country now. They also accommodate older age groups as the website features comic books, movies, interactive games, printable games, and even online games.

The toys range from humans, creatures, automobiles, and buildings. In addition, they develop customization of products for children that love football and are avid fans of a specific football team.

Playmobil is a great choice for customers looking to buy bundle offers at wholesale prices, and want an excellent range of themes.

Contact Info:

Phone: 0911 9666 1385



Address: geobra Brandstätter Foundation & Co. KG, CRM customer service, Industriestr. 5, 90599, Dietenhofen

4. Klein

Klein is a steadily expanding family business that is growing out of its roots from Germany as a toy manufacturer towards international routes.

The celebrated company has been providing fine quality toys to the customer for 70 years and takes dignity in helping parents with the upbringing of their children.

The company’s main production house is in Theo Klein Gmbh which fosters more than 200 employees at the offices in Ramberg and Landau. Klein has other international sales in England, Spain, and France. 

The company also has partners in Eastern Europe and the Far East that also manufacture toys and distribute them to customers on a global basis.

Some of their partners include Braun, Barbie, Bosch, weber, Volvo, Ford, and even Schleich.

The products featured on the website include household, kitchen, tools and garage, beauty, professions, and beach toys. Klein has an objective of producing toys with passion and leaving customers satisfied with the toys and services of the company. 

Contact Info:

Phone: +49 (0) 6345 / 4 08-0



5. Teddy-Hermann

Teddy-Hermann like the name suggests solely focuses on manufacturing and selling soft and cuddly teddy bears. It’s regarded as one of the most famous and oldest manufacturers of teddy bears in Germany.

The company originated in 1912, as a family business that gradually blossomed into one of the most prominent wholesale websites of toy teddy bears. 

The company doesn’t stop at teddy bears, but also manufacturers various soft toys like stuffed animals and plush toys.

Their best products are teddy bears in miniatures, original and even plus size, monkeys, cats, birds, and dogs. They also have an option of customization for customers so they can order products that suit their exact needs and preferences. 

If your heart desires a warm huggable toy for customers, then there is no other place than Teddy-Hermann, as they are the best in producing and distributing soft toys in bulk. 

Phone: +49(0)9543/8482-0


Address: Teddy-Hermann GmbH, Amlingstadter Straße 5, 96114 Hirschaid, Germany