Kids are a source of entertainment for everyone in a house; however, they also need something entertaining to make their day lively and exciting.

This is where retro and vintage toys come to the rescue. Not only are these toys suitable for keeping kids entertained, but they can also turn out to be a source of great bonding between you and your kids.

However, if you are looking for products that you can get your hands on for reselling, these vintage and retro toys can prove to be a great investment.

You don’t need to get stressed over finding the best wholesalers out of thousands of options available online because we have listed down the top wholesale retro and vintage toys websites for you to get in touch with.

Before you get overwhelmed with hundreds of wholesaler options available online, here is a list of our top ten choices that you can easily get in touch with.

List Of Wholesale Retro Toys Vendors & Suppliers

  • GetRetro
  • Risus Wholesale
  • Just Think Toys
  • Chengji Toys and Gifts
  • MK Toys
  • Kelli’s
  • Rex London Trade
  • NY Now
  • Harrisons Delivered Wholesale
  • One for Fun


From being a well-known supplier of top science fiction, classic, and fantasy movies to finally moving to vintage and retro toys, GetRetro is definitely one of the wholesalers you can get connected with.

What makes them a great option is the fact that they are always on the lookout for increasing their products range.

Additionally, you will get an option of free shipping to MAINLAND UK locations over orders of £300.

Phone # 01442 259 612


2-Risus Wholesale

From having a small stock of wholesale cheap toys to reaching greater heights of having huge stock and increased sales, Risus Wholesale has a success story that will easily make you trust them.

They have a wide range of wholesale retro and vintage toys available to be moved to their new house, and you can become that new owner since they can easily be trusted with your investments.

Risus Wholesale has its customer reviews shown on its website, and with the feedback, you can easily make your decision.

Great news, there are no requirements for minimum order numbers, so you can get a few before you order something in bulk.

Phone # 01424871072

3-Just Think Toys

If you want to get your hands on retro and vintage toys that encourage creative thinking and play, Just Think Toys is your go-to option.

They have been in this business for over two decades, and two of their most famous products include Hot Wings and Bath Blocks.

Additionally, they offer a variety of toys that encourage kids to think, explore and create. All these qualities are what parents look for before buying toys for their kids.


4- Chengji Toys and Gifts

Having a successfully running business from 1998, Chengji Toys and Gifts is known for selling its products in mainland China and all around the world.

What makes them well-known is the fact that they have around 4000 products that they have been selling successfully throughout all these years.

Offering satisfactory products at competitive prices, they implement strict quality control and manufacture high-quality products in accordance with the CCC certificate and EN71 European Toy Safety Standard.

Phone # 86-754-85735861 / 85714666


5-MK Toys

Focusing on quality services for more than 20 years, MK toys are well-known for being attentive to customers’ demands and needs and has over 1 million products to offer.

Additionally, their customer services are excellent, and reviews suggest that they provide you with everything you need with speedy replies and delivery services.

Their main aim is to give kids a childhood that is not only full of enjoyment but also curiosity and wonder.

Phone # 86-754-85881188 / 86-754-85881166

Email: /


Kelli’s is known for serving all demands and needs of big and small retail businesses. As the name suggests, they have a variety of products that can be used for giving gifts starting from serving hospital gift shops, boutiques, and now toys gift shops.

They have been helping retail businesses grow for almost 20 years. Bonus, you can place orders on their website 24/7.

Additionally, you can find all the information on their website, including product descriptions, UPC information, packaging, high-quality images, etc.

Phone # 972-759-7000


7-Rex London Trade

Dealing with providing gifts for retailers, Rex London Trade has a variety of toys, including puzzles, soft toys, musical toys, classic toys, etc.

They have kept old-fashioned Fun in mind and have manufactured a unique collection of garden games and retro toys.

Along with having a variety of novelty toys in their collection, they also have traditional outdoor games that are ideal for kids to be played during spring and summer.

Phone # 0044 (0)208 746 1700


8-Ny Now

NY Now, also known as The New York Gift Show, is one of the largest gift trade shows because of the retailers’ variety of items they have to offer.

They have several products specifically designed for kids, including educational and developmental toys.

Phone # 1-864 342 6312


9-Harrisons Delivered Wholesale

Having thousands of toys in options, Harrisons Delivered Wholesale has licensed games and toys for kids at trading prices.

They have a huge variety to offer, including creative toys, puzzles, and entertaining games that you can find in one place.

Bonus, the delivery is free over the orders of £200 all around the UK with no minimum order requirements.

Phone # +44 (0) 1254 306840


10-One for Fun

One for Fun is one of the most known wholesale suppliers of games and toys in the UK and international markets.

Ordering with them guarantees immediate dispatch within the next 24 hours of order placement.

Phone # +44 (0) 141 613 2525


Parents are now paying much more interest in getting their kids to indulge in something creative. This is why investing in vintage and retro toys as a retailer can provide you with great profit.