Pottery is an intriguing form of art that uses clay properties to mold them into whatever the designer wishes. It’s an artistic display of one’s expression and the art that leads to any type of clay product.

Some of these pottery products in demand in the market are pots, planters, saucers, egg pots, tall planters, jars, novelty décor, pottery pieces, flared troughs, and birdbaths.

Pottery is not possible to complete without tools, as the design and progress of forming the clay into a solid product require much effort and a specific set of tools created for ceramics. 

A few of these ceramic tools are elephant ear sponges, chisels, potter ribs, kilns, loop tools, casting slips, needle tools, modeling knives, and toggle clay cutters.

The majority of pottery artists or manufacturers of pottery products prefer the purchase of bulk buying the tools. Wholesale pottery tools are cost-effective and can save time.

However, the wholesale tool suppliers have to be reliable, top quality with no defects, and have good deals. Thus, it is vital to choose a wholesale supplier that suits your specific needs. 

This is why the list below will help you figure out which supplier is the best for your pottery needs!

List Of Wholesale Pottery Tools Suppliers, Vendors & Manufacturers:

  • Bailey Pottery Equipment Corporation
  • Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company
  • Highwater Clays
  • Sheffield Pottery 
  • Kraft Tool
  • The Ceramics Shop
  • Xiem Tools

1. Bailey Pottery Equipment Corporation

Bailey Pottery Equipment Corporation is the creation of two professional pottery experts named Jim Bailey and Anne Shattuck Bailey. The company stands out from the rest as its origins are deeply connected to the pottery industry.

Jim Bailey is a graduate of Kansas City Art Institute, who initiated his business from the design of professional pottery equipment. After the innovative reveal of his pottery in New York, the 30” slab roller, his life changed.

Within 25 years, the business was the rave of town as it consistently released exceptional pottery machines and tools in the market. Anne S

Shattuck Bailey’s extensive knowledge of the Ceramic Supply Division and creative outlet of designing machines made these two a power couple. 

The company prides itself in always producing different, new pottery tools and products for the customers.

Contact Info:

Phone:  1-800-431-6067    

Email: info@baileypottery.com  

Website: https://www.baileypottery.com/

Address: 62-68 Ten Broeck Ave, Kingston, NY 12401.

2. Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company

Mid-South Ceramic Supply Company was founded by Tom Turnbull in 1986 in the northern region of Nashville. The business swiftly gained recognition due to the thriving local art community and schools in the area. 

Many customers looked up to Ceramic Supply for their pleasant, trustworthy, and quality products which paved way for the growth of the company into an international corporation that deals with pottery tools.

Their products are available in five different finishes, and the company has many brands under their names such as The Clay Lady Way and Opulence Glaze. 

The company manufacturers and delivers an array of pottery tools that are in demand and innovative to use for customers and wholesale buyers.

Contact Info:

Phone: (615) 242-0300

Email: info@midsouthceramics.com

Website: https://www.midsouthceramics.com/

Address: 1416 Lebanon Pike, Nashville, TN 37210.

3. Highwater Clays

Highwater Clays delivers the best clays on earth and strives to supply authentic and good quality tools that are efficient to use for consumers. The company recognizes the need for better affordable supplies in the market, thus they have filters on their websites to display the lowest price products to the highest. 

Their website features a range of pottery tools such as sponges, bats, brushes, handcrafting tools, pottery wheels, glazing tools, measuring appliances, sieves, slab mats, trimming tools, finishing instruments, tile cutters, and tongs.

They also sell books and catalogs of their products to make it easier for consumers to order exactly the product they require in their stock or pottery supplies.

Contact Info:

Phone: 828-252-6033

Email: sales@highwaterclays.com

Website: https://highwaterclays.com/

Address: 600 Riverside Dr. Asheville, NC 28801.

4. Sheffield Pottery 

Sheffield Pottery offers numerous discounts and sales for wholesale pottery tool buyers. The company started from a small barn where family members made pottery products.

Now, it’s regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of clay potteries and supplies of tools. Their location changed to a large facility, making the process of product faster with a fast turnover of orders.

Sheffield Pottery has created prestige in the market for its premium quality tools and clay products, exceptional customer services, and reliable service. You can place an order here and expect it to arrive in time, and be the best supply of tools you have seen.

Contact Info:

Phone: 18887742529

Website: https://www.sheffield-pottery.com/

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 399, 995 North Main St, US Rt. 7, Sheffield, MA 01257.

5. Kraft Tool

Kraft Tool was established in 1981 continues to carry the reputation of producing high-quality products in the USA. In the hand tool industry, Kraft Tool is greatly appreciated for its handcrafted work and tools.

The company’s goal is to maintain strict quality of the products in stock and have a knowledgable team of customer service that can solve any issue of the customer leaving them satisfied.

Kraft tool also aims to provide more innovative products into the market by having their team, design new distinct machines, and tools for pottery products and wholesalers that wish to buy pottery supplies.

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-422-2448 / 913-422-4848

Email: salesorders@krafttool.com

Website: https://www.krafttool.com/

Address: 8325 Hedge Lane Terrace, Shawnee, KS 66227 United States.

6. The Ceramics Shop

The Ceramics Shop provides high-quality products with the majority of their staff consisting of professional artists, the output of the company hint the work of a professional artist: attractive and innovative.

The business was started by Mark Leuders, a Philadelphia ceramic artist and teacher at the University of Pennsylvania. Mark always had an increased interest in ceramics and pottery art and even introduced them in the academic curriculum.

This passion for pottery has led Mark to stand a company that has earned a renowned status in the market of providing exceptional products and tools to customers.

Contact Info:

Phone: 888-457-4236

Email: sales@theceramicshop.com

Website: https://www.theceramicshop.com/

Address: 1200 Markley St, Norristown PA 19401.

7. Xiem Tools

Xiem Tools is a great online platform for pottery artists and wholesale customers to find an extensive supply of tools and equipment needed for them to make the perfect clay art.

Their products include art rollers, attachable stamps, carbide tools, clay ribs, glaze brushes, Korean atelier, rake tool, sculpture wire tools, teapot spout maker, stainless steel stools, titanium fused tools, texture combs, and ribs.

The list of products available on their website is endless, but if you are looking for pottery tools and supplies at discounts and a variety of ranges, then this company is suitable for your needs.

Contact Info:

Phone: (626) 460-3380

Website: http://www.xiemtoolsusa.com/

Address: 7215 Garden Grove Blvd, Suite E, Garden Grove, CA. 92841.

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