Plush Toys refer to soft toys that can allow you to squeeze, cuddle and play with them freely. Nearly everyone remembers having one soft toy beside their bed that was their favorite toy to hug until they fell asleep.

The list below will help you go down that memory lane again, listing down all the best wholesale places to find plush toys.

Plush toys can have many benefits: on top of being a great cuddler, they are used for display and decoration in houses.

They are also utilized as toys for animals and even to aid children in sharpening their speaking skills and building a better language.

Plush toys are a great way for the child to act as a friend or person they can communicate with, eventually honing their pronunciation. 

However, finding plush toys of the best quality fabric, design and variety is a struggle as there are plenty of wholesale sellers online.

Thus, the list can help you come to a better decision and highlight the top 7 wholesale sellers in the UK, who can give you exactly the type of plush toys you require. 

List Of Wholesale Plush Toy Suppliers in The UK:

  • DM Gould
  • Go International
  • Risus Wholesale
  • NDA Toys
  • Harrisons Direct
  • Ark Toys
  • Toy Shop Uk

1. DM Gould Wholesale Ltd.

A family-owned business that is working for 35 years in the wholesale market of plush toys, serves its customers with the most trendy, unique, and high-quality products.

Their products are flexible, fashionable, and have an extensive range of designs. 

Their website includes multiple categories of plush toys varying from soft toy dogs, bears, unicorns, farm animals, and toys specifically designed for children under three. Whether your target is a rag doll for a girl’s bedroom or a dolphin from the sea world, the website consists of it all. 

The best part is their team who are known to be efficient helpers to customers and are always there to solve your queries quickly.

DM Gould is working in the plush market for ages, and their brilliant services attest to the trust their loyal customers have for them. 

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient wholesale seller, this place is worth a try to contact!

Contact Info:

Phone: 01539 729900



 2. Go International

This wholesale website features a collection of plush toys such as teddy bears, different animals, and holiday-based toys as well. They offer fast and efficient delivery along with multiple opportunities for discounts and free shipping on orders above £125.

Go International is a great option for bulk shopping due to its extensive experience of thirty years in the wholesale market dealing with different products. A company that initiated selling balloons and party supplies now covers an array of products such as banners, gifts, and even apparel. 

The website also has a detailed layout that makes it easier to identify the categories clearly and their material. Nothing makes shopping easier than knowing exactly where to click!

Contact Info:

Phone: 01438 745746


Address:  GO INTERNATIONAL (UK) Ltd, Unit 15, The IO Centre,

Arlington Business Park, Whittle Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2BD.

3. Risus Wholesale

A wholesale company that offers plush toys that are the most in-demand in the market. You name it, and they have it all: from marvel toys to Peppa pig, superheroes, Disney characters, and dinosaurs.

Risus started their wholesale journey from a small eBay account but is currently amongst the most preferred wholesale websites in the United Kingdom. They have an abundance of products in stock, including backpacks, party supplies, seasonal products, craftworks, special holiday toys, and games.

Their website also divides their products into various themes such as pirates, princesses, robots, aliens, mermaids, bugs, and eco-friendly toys. The comprehensive services Risus offers make it a viable option for a trusted wholesaler of plush toys for customers interested in soft toys. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 01424871 072



Address: Risus Wholesale Warehouse, Unit 1 Knoshop Depot, Old Mill Lane, Leeds, LS10 1RG, United Kingdom

4. NDA Toys

An online wholesale website that allows its customers products from all classifications ranging from barbie plush toys to anime merchandise. Their website shows their stocks under the name of different brands. NDA Toys website also has a neat format, listing down products efficiently. Thus, you can easily check on the latest additions, themes, and deals displayed at the top of the website, saving time. 

The website also supplies international customers in just 3-8 working days and guarantees fast delivery. Furthermore, you can also pay through cash, credit, and debit cards giving multiple options to the buyer.

Contact Info:

Phone: 01708 767850



Address: 13a Bridge Cl, Romford RM7 0AU, UK

5. Harrisons Direct

In 1919, Hilda Coupe built a small warehouse in her room that with time has expanded into one of the biggest wholesale suppliers in the world. Harrison Direct has an annual turnover of £7 million and delivers its products at affordable prices and numerous buddle offers. 

The company is dedicated to providing the finest quality plush toys for all age groups. They also don’t have a set minimum order, making it easier to order in bulk for less quantity. They value their customers and are known for great customer service.

Contact Info:

Phone: +44(0) 1254 306540



Address: Unit 14A Mead Way Shuttleworth Mead Business Park Padiham, Burnley BB12 7NG

6. Ark toys

Ark Toys is regarded as the largest company that imports, exports, distributes, and offers wholesale plush toy products. The company can customize toys and change designs according to preferences too! 

They offer a list of plush toys including Holloween style, Easter, Christmas, and offer gift-wrapping services as well. Ark toys provide swift delivery of bulk products and safe payment methods. They are best for shopping for people who want their products in stock and ready for dispatch right away!

Contact Info:

Phone: 01704 505550


Address: Millars Ark Toys Ltd, A. K. Business Park, Russell Road, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 7SA

7. Toy Shop UK

A place where you can buy all collectibles is truly the best option for a plush toy wholesale company. Toy Shop has their own vehicles that deliver supplies, thus their delivery services are incredible and have no delays. 

The company always has the best toys in stock and has reliable retailers that ensure their storage never runs out. They also have assured all stakeholders benefits from working with them by promoting suppliers and shop owners and offering discounted codes to customers. 

Contact Info:



Address: Toast Publishing Ltd, Meadowbank House, Perridge Close, Exeter. EX2 9PX