Plumbing is a vital process that aids water supply in a drainage system. it allows the flow of water in homes to be more efficient and rid of any blockage and interruption in the system.

Plumbing services are a basic need for people with residences, as it ensures them a healthy lifestyle and a smooth usage of water. Without plumbing services, there would be absolute chaos in the pipes.

Thus, plumping tools are important for the services that provide plumbing checkups and fixes for people. People also keep basic plumbing tools in their households, and it’s available at stores.

Wholesale Plumbing Tools have a whole vast market internationally, and it keeps getting larger every year. Finding the best wholesale supplier is hard, as the tools need to be durable, good quality, and authentic.

The list below will help you find the right wholesale supplier of plumbing tools in your area!

List Of Wholesale Plumbing Tools Suppliers, Vendors & Manufacturers:

  • General Plumbing Supply
  • Ferguson
  • Sustainable Supply
  • Rosen Plumbing Supply
  • Pace Supply Corporation
  • Schumacher & Seiler, Inc
  • Grainger

1. General Plumbing Supply

General Plumbing Supply also regarded as GPS was established in 1910 by Charles S. Goldberg in Bayonne, NJ. His mission was to produce a trustworthy source of obtaining supplies for plumbing, heating, industries, and HVAC.

He also endorsed excellent customer service so that people can be comfortable with the company and become loyal to it. Over three generations, the company expanded and spread to international waters.

Currently, it stands as the biggest distributor on the East Coast with multiple locations all around America including New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Contact Info:



2. Ferguson

Ferguson is a famous wholesale supplier of plumbing supplies in the commercial and residential sectors. They have extensive expertise in the distribution of various markets such as HVAC/R, waterworks, and industrial.

For 68 years, Ferguson has grown into a 22.8 billion dollar corporation with a total of 1,600 locations and around 31,000 partners in North America only.

They also have a distribution center in Canada and are planning to expand further. They supply to customers in all 50 states, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Some of the brands they work with are Durastar, FNW, National Fire Products, Raptor, Proflo, Pollardwater, Signature Hardware, and Westcraft.

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-721-2590


3. Sustainable Supply

Sustainable Supply is a B2B centered platform that was created in 2009. 

They have an extensive range of products on their website reaching 1,000,000 to ensure the customer finds what they need.

Their team consisted of over 100 years of collaborative knowledge in supply chain distribution, and the virtual catalog on their website is designed to cater to all information related to the vast products offered by them.

The company believes in saving time, money and proving the best quality products to customers in sustainable options as well. They aim to invest in a greener world to secure the future of the earth.

Contact Info:

Phone: 888-207-3005


Address: 8810 West 116th Circle Broomfield, CO 80021.

4. Rosen Plumbing Supply

Rosen Plumbing Supply was founded in 1946 by Max and Sara Rosen in the heart of Tacoma, Washington. The founders, Max and Sara focused their energy on building a strong foundation of their business.

Soon with time, their business blossomed from a family-owned venture in a local territory to a leading manufacturer and distributor of plumbing and heating tools and supplies.

Their success is due to their dedication towards the principle of hard work and providing excellent customer service to make sure all clients are happy. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (253) 627-3176



Address: 2920 S Chandler Street Tacoma, WA 98409.

5. Pace Supply Corporation

Pace Supply Corporation started its journey into wholesale distribution of plumbing supplies in 1994. Gradually, it has become a large-scale business in America with multiple brands and thousands of clients.

They have over 20 sites for their wholesale distribution centers which are situated all over America They also have 4 Premier Bath & Kitchen showrooms located in California and Hawaii.

Pace supply also serves clients internationally with a range of in-stock supplies and tools in their inventory that is also available on their website. It includes a strict selection of plumbing tools, pipes, fire protection, sewage, valves, fittings, and fire protection equipment.

Contact Info:

Phone: 844-393-7172



6. Schumacher & Seiler, Inc

Schumacher & Seiler, Inc was founded in 1932 and has the expertise of multiple generations working in the market of plumbing tools and supplies for decades.

They cater to supply professional plumbing supplies, HVAC, and mechanical products in the regions of Maryland and mainly South Central Pennsylvania. 

They have seven branches that are situated in areas where customers can easily go visit and check out their distribution centers to gain more assurity. They also have large inventories placed around America so the delivery process can be more efficient and quick!

Contact Info:

Phone: : (410) 561-2461


Address: Schumacher & Seiler, Inc, 10 West Aylesbury Road, Timonium, MD 21093.

7. Grainger

Grainger is one of the most trusted sources in America for MRO collections and industrial supplies. For 90 years, they have built a tradition of providing the best quality tools and products to customers in little time.

Grainger delivers around 1.5 million products in stock that are gathered from thousands of authorized MRO suppliers. They also have a mobile app that enables customers to order and check up on the order status whenever they desire.

They also have a 24/7 customer service and technical support team which has a profound knowledge of the products in stock on their website and can guide you the best with any solution.

Contact Info:

Phone: 800-472-4643


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