Piercings are an expression of oneself and exist as an aesthetic value in society. People get piercings for multiple reasons, some individuals pierce due to religious, spiritual, or cultural reasons.

Others pierce themselves for its appealing jewelry aesthetic and pleasure gained from it. In the end, piercings hold value for people in different ways in life and are equally important for many.

Piercing tools are a crucial element for piercings, they have to be correct, non-rusted, and safe to use. Anything wrong with the tools can cause infections, a wrong piercing, and harm the customer. 

Thus, it’s really ideal to find a wholesale piercing tools supplier that is serving the best quality products with no defect or rust. The list below will guide you to the top wholesale suppliers of piercing tools.

List Of Wholesale Piercing Tools Suppliers, Manufacturers & Vendors:

  • Dr. Piercing Aftercare
  • National Tattoo Supply
  • Element Body Jewelry
  • Painful Pleasure
  • RazorBlade
  • Shining Light Body Jewelry
  • Metal Mafia

1. Dr. Piercing Aftercare

Dr. Piercing Aftercare is founded by a group of experienced pharmacists who aspire to bring quality aftercare kits and supplies to people all around the world. They are experts in wound care and the aftercare of piercings, thus their goal is to bring these skills and equipment to the market.

The company is the only one that specializes in delivering antimicrobial cleaners, protective antiseptic, and pain-reducing anesthesia.

Their products are widely focused on piercing tools that can care for the piercings such as alcohol swabs, which are an ideal tool for piercing infections and keeping them clean.
Contact Info:

Phone: 866-476-2348

Email: support@drpiercing.com

Website: https://drpiercing.com/

Address: 1056 Equine Ave, Sellersburg, Indiana.

1. National Tattoo Supply

National Tattoo Supply was established in 1974 and has been proving efficient tattoo and piercing tools to shop owners and wholesale buyers. They cater to multiple renowned professional tattoo shops in America.

National Tattoo Supply also offers piercing tools such Forceps, Corks m needles, Dermal Anchor Tools, Tubes, Ring Openers, and aftercare supplies at reasonable rates.

The company manufactures their own tools and have an authentic original range of supplies available on their website. They also feature tools from well-known brands like Stigma Rotary, Dragonfly, and Swiss Rotary Machines. 
Contact Info:

Website: http://www.nationaltattoo.com/

3. Element Body Jewelry 

Element Body Jewelry is an online marketplace for wholesale piercing tools and jewelry that caters to all types of shop owners, resellers, and wholesale suppliers.

They have a fast delivery service with an average 8-16 week turnaround for customized orders and only two weeks for orders made for in-stock items.

They have an abundance of supplies available on their website.

Some of them include: Versi-Clip Silicone Jewelry Display Clips, Stainless Steel Threaded Taper, Stainless Steel Pin Taper, Titanium Threaded Taper16 oz. Denatured Alcohol Hand Sanitizer and a NeilMed® Wound Wash 6.3 oz. Can. 

All of these products can be easily purchased, with guaranteed security and no extra charges or hassle in the process.
Contact Info:

Phone: 740-201-8882 / 833-944-2561

Email: contact@elementbodyjewelry.com

Website: https://elementbodyjewelry.com/

4. Painful Pleasures

Painful Pleasure is a wholesale retail service that focuses on giving piercing tools and supplies to other businesses, piercing ventures, and wholesale customers.

The company is associated with many reputable brands such as Caferly, Precision, Recovery Aftercare, Unbreakable, Tatoo Goone, and Biotene. 

Their products are top-notch and are durable as well such as Needles, Taper, Tubes, and Gloves. They also cater to medical supplies and aftercare products to complete the piercing tool package.

Painful Pleasures offers a good rate for bulk buyers with different types of discounts, deals, and annual sales.
Contact Info:

Phone: 410-712-0145

Email:  support@painfulpleasures.com

Website: https://www.painfulpleasures.com/

Address: 7410 Coca Cola Drive, Unit 108, Hanover, MD 21076, US.

5. RazorBlade

RazorBlade was founded in 2004 with the intention of providing the finest tattoo and piercing tools to tattoo studios across America. They only sell to professional or verified studios and piercing specialists to maintain the safety of the products.

RazorBlade features multiple brands on their website from which you can select a specific famous one and purchase their products only!

The company gives you the option of buying from a favorite business or through the list they have selected.
Contact Info:

Phone: (877) 777-2967

Email: info@razorblade.pro

Website: https://razorblade.pro/

Address: 22 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg, PA, US, 17101.

6. Shining Light Body Jewelry

Shining Light Body Jewelry was created in 1999 and is located in San Diego, California. They are a leading wholesale supplier of piercing tools and high-quality body jewelry.

Their wholesale products are made through their vast manufacturing facility, which has strict quality checks to ensure all customers are happy with the products.
Shining Light has full control over every step of the process, thus they guarantee a supply that has no defects or concerns.

The company values the need of the customer and is focused to deliver them to them.
There is also no minimum order, so they can cater to all types of small and big business and wholesale buyers.
 Contact Info:

Phone: 877-676-8947

Email: info@shininglight-piercing.com

Website: https://www.shininglight-piercing.com/

Address: 4645 Cass Street, Suite 101 San Diego, CA 92109.

7. Metal Mafia

Metal Mafia is the paradise for all things metal which includes piercing tools, steel, titanium, glass, and novelty items. It was created by the efforts of three individuals with a vision to unite all metal-related suppliers into one platform.

They cater to multiple industries, piercing and tattoo studios being one.

Their website features a variety of supplies and products from the best brand and manufacturers.

The company values ethics the most and commits to being accountable for their actions and also being trustworthy and honest with their customers. 

The essence of any client relationship is building trust, and without straight truth, there is no bond to build upon.
Contact Info:

Phone: 866-696-2342

Email: sales@metalmafia.com

Website: https://metalmafia.com/

Address: 1 County Road, Bldg A12, Secaucus, NJ 07094

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