Looking for the best toys suppliers at low prices in Manchester UK? Here are 10 ecellent toys suppliers we have enlisted for you. Toys are the needs of your children as they help them to grow and improve their cognitive skills.

Growing kids must be provided with their favorite toys and not be deprived of toys that contribute to their growth. Here are 10 wholesale toys suppliers in Manchester that will surely be suitable for you.

List Of Suppliers:

  1. Shonn Bros Manchester Ltd.
  2. Top Deal Wholesale Ltd.
  3. Manchester Wholesale Poundlines Plus Ltd.
  4. All Round Fun Ltd.
  5. Esscosa
  6. Love Oribel
  7. Newline Imports
  8. Domestic King Wholesale
  9. Manchester Toyzz Ltd.
  10. Giddy Goat Toys Manchester

1. Shonn Bros Manchester Ltd.

A multi-product supplying company having the facility of providing services to retailers and independent stores is a great wholesale toys provider in central Manchester UK.

The company provides 151 brands over various ranges as household, cleaning gadgets, kitchenware, and toys.

In the UK, Shonn Bros toy services are worth considering as the products are low in cost with over 50 years of company’s experience. Contact directly, or hop on to the website  first.

Wholesale toys supplier

2. Top Deal Wholesale Ltd.

Manchester based wholesale company that is providing fancy toys, gifts, gardening items/ tools, stationery, salt products, and more hot selling products is well recognized among buyers and service providers.

They are popular for their toys variety in Manchester. Contact, book your order at wholesale prices and check out the website as well.

3. Manchester Wholesale Poundlines Plus Ltd.

Manchester Wholesale company is well designed for a variety of products supplying such as toys, games/ outdoors, stationary/ misk, home/ garden, pets, glassware/ storage and much more astonishing.

As the company is wholesale based therefore it facilitates buyers throughout the UK at very affordable rates of products.

Toys and kids’ games are less expensive than other service providers. Contact the company to place your order online or visit their website.

4. All Round Fun Ltd.

All Round can be said all-rounder as the company is based on excellent quality product’s services for over 50 years of experience with extensive variety in all over the UK.

In Manchester, All Round warehouse is located where they stored items of exciting ranges such as large indoor and outdoor play products, games tables, pools, gaming toys, trampolines, and garden tools as well.

Toys and playing services are exceptional, and you won’t find any hassle in receiving products online. Contact to order and check out other items on the website.

Toys suppliers

5. Esscosa

Manchester based company that is well designed especially for toys and playing products for kids along with other variety of niches such as decorating balloons, festival lights, inflatables/kid’s toys, and much more.

Esscosa is prepared to enlighten your daily life celebrations with more colors as well as to provide your kid with a magical toy. Services are open worldwide and are affordable in prices.

Toys and playful items are really exceptional, so don’t need to worry anymore. Go to the website, pick up the items as your taste, and contact the supplier.

6. Love Oribel

Oribel, a wholesale kid’s products supplier is based in Manchester with a great variety of items your child can have. The company is facilitating its customers for a long period of time with exceptional fancy products.

Items are there in great range such as kid’s rocking chair,  stem playing marbles, wall vertiplay toys, and much more. The products are sustainable with excellent quality.

Buy unique toys for kids and provide them with a healthy environment. Visit the Oribel website and contact the supplier to place your order.

7.  Newline Imports

Manchester-based wholesale toy’s supplier, having a variety of excellent products is well known for its toys. No need for any further hassle if you are looking for fancy toys for your kid.

Newline Imports consists of a range in toy items such as inflatables, outdoor gaming toys, remote control toys, bubble fun, dinosaurs, slimes, dolls, toy cars, and much more.

A variety of toys is hiding here. Just visit the Newline Imports website, scroll the fabulous items and contact the supplier to order.

toys supplier

8. Domestic King Wholesale

Manchester based wholesale company which is built for providing an extensive variety of services such to the buyers. DK wholesale has been serving the UK for over 35 years of experience.

Products are available in great quality with cheap prices having kid’s toys as plush toys, Disney theme games, indoor play items, jigsaws, remote control cars, and much more.

Toys and fun items are there in DK to pick without wondering anymore. Everything as a toy, your kid needs is present. Visit the website, contact the supplier and make a deal.

9. Manchester Toyzz Ltd.

Manchester-based wholesale service provider, is ready to fulfill your kid’s riding needs, having a variety of cars, bikes, and much more at affordable prices and in good quality.

If your boy is fond of riding/ cycling, do provide him a good bike, car, or cycle. Just don’t need to think any further as Toyzz has a solution to your problem. They have mini fancy cars, cycles, jeeps, and scooters with exceptional models such as Lamborghini you can order.

Visit the website, fulfill your kid’s wish to ride, and contact the supplier to order your product.

10. Giddy Goat Toys Manchester

The toy service provider which is located in Manchester, having a special variety of kid’s products with exceptional quality is 10 years experienced-based store.

Giddy goat is facilitating the UK with wonderful kid’s toys like puzzles, dollhouses, fun booklets, amazing art, and crafts toy sets, wooden playthings, etc.

Moreover, prices are low to buy any of your kid’s favorite items. Just visit the website, pick up a toy and contact the supplier.


The kid’s necessities include fancy toys. Every child does need them. But providing your kids with quality toys on a low budget is what should be considered first.

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Do not think much if you are in Manchester UK. As above listed wholesale toy suppliers are the best among all service providers in Manchester. Pick one and start purchasing.