When kids have time to play with toys, they explore, manipulate, and experiment. They can learn many concepts and develop thinking skills while having fun.

Toys engage a child’s senses, encourage them to interact with others, and spark their imaginations. From an early age, toys help in the education of children. They learn to walk, socialize, talk, grow emotionally, acquire knowledge, and develop social and spatial awareness.

We have found wholesale distributors that offer such amazing toys that will surely improve your kids’ mental development and learning skills.

List of wholesale toy distributors in California:

  • CoTa Global
  • Mattel
  • Artoy Trading
  • OKK Trading
  • Fun Express
  • United Pacific Designs, Inc.
  • American Carnival Mart

1.      CoTa Global

CoTa Global is a California-based manufacturer and distributor of high-quality toys, souvenirs, collectibles, and other gifts.  They are committed to bringing great products in exceptional value, superior service, and affordable prices.

Their stuffed toys are safe for kids and toddlers of all ages. Their cute animal plush toys will surely bring a smile to your little ones who love pets, ocean life, and cute animals like turtles. These toys also help to develop a child’s speech, social skills, and creativity when enjoying playtime.

The puzzles they offer are designed to make learning a bit challenging but fun. These puzzles are available in different shapes and colors. Their raised puzzles for girls and boys are a great exercise for their imaginative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Contact info:

Tel: 818.991.9245

Email: CustomerService@cotaglobal.com

Website: https://cotaglobal.com/

Address: 8944 Fullbright Ave. Ste B, Chatsworth, California.

2.      Mattel

Mattel is a leading global toy distributor that offers high-quality toys for kids of all ages. Their mission is to create innovative products and experiences that entertain, inspire, and develop children while playing.

They offer an extensive collection of toys that include dolls, dollhouses, toy vehicles, toy animals, remote control cars, action figures, dinosaurs, building blocks, card games, bath toys, baby toys, plush toys, stacking toys, educational toys, and much more!

Contact info:

Tel: 310-252-2000

Email: NAMISCS@mattel.com.

Website: https://ly-usa.com/

Address: 333 Continental Boulevard, El Segundo, California.

3.      Artoy Trading

Artoy Trading is one of the country’s largest wholesale distributors of high-quality toys and is committed to delivering joy in every toy!

Their huge range of toys includes action figures, stuffed toys, toy animals, baby toys, toy cars, trains, doctor sets, dolls, educational toys, beauty play sets, kitchen sets, slimes, and much more.

Contact info:

Tel: (323) 266-8881

Email: info@artoytrading.com

Website: http://www.artoytrading.com/

Address: 3528 Garfield Ave. Commerce, California.

4.      OKK Trading

OKK Trading Inc. is one of the largest wholesale direct importers in California of toys, stationery, and seasonal products. They offer both under $1.00 toys and over $1.00 toys.

Their mission is to provide the highest value toys at the lowest price-point possible and to provide businesses with consistent service and exceptional value.

Their huge selection of toys includes building blocks, toy animals, baby toys, toy cars, trains, doctor sets, dolls, educational toys, card games, action figures, stuffed toys, beauty play sets, kitchen sets, slimes, and much more.

Contact info:

Tel: (323)725-8800

Email: sales@okktoys.com

Website: http://www.okktoys.com/

Address: 2721 East 45th Street, Vernon, California.

5.      Fun Express

Fun Express is a leading supplier of toys, novelties, and gifts. They offer more than 10,000 items in their product line. Their products range from traditional favourites to today’s trends.

They are committed to offering great toys in exceptional value, superior service, and affordable rates.

Their exciting range of toys includes flying toys, fidget spinners, character toys, inflatable toys, plush toys, rubber ducks, licensed toys, outdoor games, beach toys, and more.

Contact info:

Tel: (800) 875-8494

Website: https://www.funexpress.com/

6.      United Pacific Designs, Inc.

United Pacific Designs, Inc. is a California-based distributor that offers innovative, well-designed, and aggressively-priced products at fantastic rates.

Their product offerings include the best values in toys, stationery, keychains, backpacks, children’s dinnerware, photo albums, stickers, and novelty items for children.

They not only carry the best educational toys for kids but also offer licensed toys that include Barbie, Marvel, Fisher Price, Disney, Frozen, Spiderman, Batman, and much more.

Contact info:

Tel: (323) 588-8811

Email: questions@updinc.net

Website: https://www.updinc.net/

Address: 4507 S. Maywood Ave., Vernon, California.

7.      American Carnival Mart

American Carnival Mart specializes in providing wholesale toys and novelties for schools, carnivals, company picnics, events, and festivals.

Their goal is to provide the highest quality wholesale toys and novelties for kids and adults of all ages at the best value, so everyone can enjoy them for years.

Their amazing range of toys includes inflatable toys, plush toys, magic wands, classic toys, puppets, toy vehicles.

Contact info:

Tel: 314-991-6818

Email: info-1@funcarnival.com.

Website: https://www.funcarnival.com/

Address: 1317 Lindbergh Plaza Ctr, St. Louis, California.

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