Maestro Dimmers are among the most high end and more expensive dimmers in the market today.
This Lutron Maestro Dimmer is a state of the art model that enhances home lighting with a variety of ingenious features. A delayed-off feature leaves the light on while you exit the room. Soft LED indicator lights allow you to easily locate the dimmer. After a power outage, the power failure memory will restore your settings. Add several lights to your dimmer with the multi-location dimming feature which controls up to 1000W. The model's touch rocker adjusts light levels flawlessly and seamlessly. The Maestro Dimmer provides a wide range of lighting options with just a touch, making it a simple and practical addition to your home. They come in high voltage 120V and low voltage 12V as well as 600W and a 1000W. These dimmers are ideal for high end residential and commercial applications.