Diva or Decora style Dimmers are one of the most modern and popular type of dimmers in the market today. This series of dimmers offer the attractive looks and convenience that is known for Switching on your lights easily with the large paddle switch and have the option to dim with the small slider located beside the paddle switch. The slider also acts as a preset allowing you to save time by not needing to readjust the illumination level when you switch on the lights.
They come in high voltage 120V and low voltage 12V as well as 600W and a 1000W. An integrated RFI filter ensures that you have the most reliable performance possible from your dimmer. The smooth finish enables easy cleaning and will keep your dimmer looking great for years to come. The built-in soft glow night light helps you to navigate through a dimly lit room as well as acting as night light. These dimmers are ideal for majority of residential and commercial applications.